140 bed in-patient neuro-rehabilitation clinic in the south of Austria. In our neuro-rehabilitation we introduced ICF-based goal setting in 2005 with the intent of broadening the spectrum of goals to address individuals’ and families’ needs and demands for bio-psycho-social wellbeing.

Individual goal setting is carried out by the responsible interdisciplinary therapy team within the first week of patient admission and may be adjusted / complemented during weekly team conferences.

Regular contact with patient advocacy and patient organisations as well as with representatives of the Austrian pension fund and with vocational rehabilitation institutes set the basis for our expertise in major life areas such as remunerative and non-remunerative employment.

Website: www.gailtal-klinik.at



Klemens Fheodoroff, MD, Neurologist, Pathways Teamleader

Klemens Fheodoroff Photo Collaboration with patient advocacy groups since 25 years; Consultant for Austrian Pension Fund (assessment of ability to work). Full Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Austrian Society for Neurological Rehabilitation (OeGNR)

e-mail: klemens.fheodoroff@kabeg.at


Auguste Tautscher-Basnett

MSc: Certified Quality- and Risk Manager


Yvonne Sommeregger

MSc: Social worker, Liaison officer patient advocacy


Veronika Kilzer

Secretary, mangement and IT


Gebhard Schmied

MAS: Commercial Director, FSign