PATHWAYS Project – “PArticipation To Healthy Workplaces And inclusive Strategies in the Work Sector”

PATHWAYS is a 3-year project that directly contributes to the 2014 Work Programme by focusing on action regarding the development of innovative approaches to promote the professional integration and reintegration of people with chronic diseases and improve their employability.

Individuals with chronic diseases and mental disorders often experience work-related problems, leading to negative consequences at individual, national and European level. The rising prevalence of chronic diseases and mental disorders as well as the current economic crisis make this issue even more problematic, requiring action in terms of innovative strategies to improve the participation of these persons in the labor market.

Therefore, PATHWAYS aims:

  1. to identify integration and re-integration strategies that are available in Europe and beyond,
  2. to determine their effectiveness,
  3. to assess the specific employment related needs of persons with chronic diseases and mental disorders
  4. to develop guidelines supporting the implementation of effective professional integration and reintegration strategies.

Involvement in PATHWAYS of 12 partners with vast expertise in the area of chronic and mental conditions and employment from 10 different European countries allows to compare strategies between different European regions, taking into account cultural, social, and political differences.

Stakeholder consultations, including advocacy organizations, employers, policy makers, international organizations, and European Union delegates, will provide useful insights as to the development and implementation of policy recommendations to improve their integration or reintegration into the workplace.

In this way, PATHWAYS will provide the first steps to work towards a more inclusive labor market in which persons with chronic diseases and mental disorders can meaningfully participate.


WP1 Coordination of the project


WP2 Dissemination of the project


WP3 Evaluation of the project


WP4 Mapping of available professional integration and reintegration strategies for people with chronic diseases and mental disorders in Europe


WP5 Evaluation of the effectiveness of existing integration and reintegration into work strategies for persons with chronic conditions including mental disorders


WP6 Assessment of the needs of persons with chronic (including mental) diseases


WP7 Propose strategies to fill the gaps for implementation of existing entering and return to work strategies of people with chronic conditions and mental health disorders