WP Leader: UAM, Prof. Prof. Jose Luis Ayuso-Mateos

This WP aims to increase the knowledge of the real needs of persons with chronic and mental diseases with respect to their participation into the labor force. This WP will consider as paradigm for broader group some specific diseases: migraine and headache disorders, back and neck pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, depression, diabetes, ischemic hearth diseases. These diseases have been selected based on the impact of their burden on working age. A PATHWAYS instrument for reporting real employment needs of people with chronic health conditions will be developed and sent to a representative list of advocacy groups, identifying potential gaps between existing strategies and the real employment needs of persons with chronic diseases in Europe. WP6 will benefit from the mapping of available professional integration and re-integration strategies conducted WP4 and from the evaluation of their effectiveness performed by WP5, and it will provide input into WP7.