Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich is one of the leading research universities in Europe, with a more than 500-year-long tradition. LMU’s participation in the project will be led by the Research Unit for Biopsychosocial Health hosted at the Chair for Public Health and Health Services Research. The scientific focus of the Research Unit is the study of health and disability using the biopsychosocial framework of functioning and disability found in the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). The Research Unit team consists of 20 researchers from psychology, medicine, physical and occupational therapy, nursing, pharmacy, statistics and physics. The Research Unit has a large international network of collaboration partners in over 40 countries. All scientific projects performed at the Research Unit are externally funded by national and international organizations. The scientific team at the Research Unit has published over 150 publications in international peer-reviewed journals over the past 5 years. In addition, the Research Unit hosts the ICF Research Branch, which is a research unit of the German WHO collaborating centre (German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information) committed to the development and implementation of the ICF.

Previous experience relevant to these tasks: the Research Unit team has extensive experience in national and international research projects in mental and physical disabilities, the performance of systematic literature reviews and national and international cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, the development and validation of patient reported outcomes and the study of their content validity in terms of an ICF mapping. The Research Unit has been a partner in the following EC funded projects:

  • Measuring Health and Disability in Europe (MHADIE)
  • Multidisciplinary Research Network on Health and Disability in Europe (MURINET)
  • Health Outcome Measures and Population Ageing (COURAGE)
  • Psychosocial Factors relevant to Brain Disorders in Europe (PARADISE)
  • Mental Health Training through Research Network in Europe (MARATONE)



Dr. rer. biol. hum. Carla Sabariego, Dipl. Psych., MPH

Carla Sabariego Photo Psychologist, senior scientist at Research Unit since 2008. Master in Public Health and Doctorate Degree in Health Economics (Dr.rer.biol.hum.) at the LMU (2002 and 2011).

She has been working as a researcher and lecturer at the Ludwig-Maximillians-University (LMU) since 2002. Over these years her research has focused on implementing the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the development and evaluation of comprehensive self-management interventions at a national level as well as on the description and assessment of health and disability in the general population at an international level. All her research integrates a wide spectrum of methodological approaches, is multidisciplinary, has been reported in several articles published in peer-review journals, and is made up of strong and on-going national and international collaborations with clinics, universities and especially with the World Health Organization. She is a specialist in the field of mental health and disability, and since 2011 consultant of the Disability and Rehabilitation Unit of the World Health Organization.


Phone: +49(0)89 2180 78224


Dr. rer. biol. hum. Michaela Coenen, Dipl. Psych., MPH

Michaela Coenen Photo Psychologist, senior scientist at Research Unit since 2005. Master in Public Health and Doctorate Degree (Dr.rer.biol.hum.) at the LMU (2002 and 2008).

She coordinates several national and international projects, mainly in the development of ICF Core Sets. She is a specialist in qualitative research and implementation of the ICF in the field of mental health and persons with disabilities.


Phone: +49 (0) 89 2180 78216


Eva Esteban, Dipl. Psych., MPH

Eva Esteban PhotoPsychologist, senior researcher at Research Unit since 2015

Master in Public Health at the LMU (2005)

She has a background in clinical psychology and quantitative measurement methods. Her main area of interest and focus of her work in the last ten years has been the comprehensive, systematic and evidence-based assessment of public health interventions.


Phone: +49 (0)89 2180 78227


Ivana Ivandic, Dipl. Psych.

Ivana Ivandic Photo Psychologist, early stage scientist (Marie-Sklodowska-Curie-Fellowship) at Research Unit since 2014.

Main research activities are in the field of the mental health in the workplace.



Nicole Foitzek

Nicola Foitzek Photo Research Assistant



Zuzana Schneider

Zuzana Schneider Photo Administrative Staff


Phone: +49 (0) 89 2180 78220


Elizabeth Ito

Elizabeth Ito-Kearns Photo Junior Researcher